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We unveiled a new limited edition from award winning British artist Doug Hyde which represented a heartfelt thank you message to front line carers. Within three hours the edition had sold out, and the original had also been sold at a record breaking price, raising in excess of £100,000 for the NHS Charities Covid 19 Appeal.

Thank you by Doug Hyde (Signed Limited Edition)

The piece, entitled simply ‘Thank You’, features five of Doug’s signature characters clapping for carers against the backdrop of the rainbow which has come to symbolise hope during this global crisis. Doug commented: “ I think this is my proudest achievement as an artist so far to have been able to contribute in this way.” The overwhelming response of thanks from carers but also disappointment at missing out on the edition has led to an unprecedented decision.

For the first time ever Demonfort Fine Art publishers are going to extend an edition. We are increasing our fundraising target to £150,000 by making Thank You an edition of 999, and we are absolutely sure that with your incredible support we will get there together!

Meanwhile, Doug has created a personal thank you to everyone – a line drawing of  ‘Thank You’ for children to colour and display in their windows. (Remember to take photos and share the love on social media!)

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