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Coming to our galleries very soon are a set of four new limited edition prints by Iain Faulkner.

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Auction Day by Iain Faulkner

Another superb addition to his portfolio of limited edition works, which no doubt will be sell out editions before long.

Each piece is stunning in it’s own right with amazing levels of detail and the usual crisp white shirts and braces.

Auction Day to the left is a detail image from his Car Auction theme featuring a buyer viewing a stunning  old racing car. The three levels of depth from the man standing in the foreground to the car itself and the image of the car racing in it’s day all show the amazing talents of this great Scottish artist.

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Horizon by Iain Faulkner

Horizon, to the right, is another car piece but this time gives the contemplative ideal of standing on a quiet beach, parking your sports car and standing looking out to sea. Again, the levels of detail are quite spectacular giving the viewer the perfect opportunity to lose themselves with the sound of the waves.

They all give the impression of wonder and provoke the thought of entering the painting to be one of the individuals for the time being, finding out what might be happening at that particular moment.

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Exposure by Iain Faulkner

If you are interested in the featured new pieces or any of Iain Faulkner limited edition or originals artworks please Tramadol Cheap.

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